JACKSONSVILLE, FL—June 12, 2019 (James Media Services)—James Street Associates was honored this week with a Compass Award from the Transportation Marketing & Sales Association (TMSA).
MINNEAPOLIS—May 2, 2017 (MindShare Strategies Media Services)—James Street Associates is among the winners of the 2017 Compass Awards Program sponsored by the Transportation Marketing & Sales Association (TMSA).
CHICAGO—June 9, 2016 (James Street Media Services)—A James Street Associates media relations campaign for logistics provider Kenco recently won the Compass Award from the Transportation Marketing and Sales Association (TMSA).
CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.—June 10, 2015 (James Street Media Services)—Kenco—a leading provider of integrated logistics solutions, real estate services, and material handling equipment—was recently honored with an “Award of Excellence” for its effective 2014 media relations program. The program was supported by James Street Associates, Kenco’s media relations agency.
BLUE ISLAND, IL—June 5, 2013 (James Street Media Services)—James Street Associates, a U.S.-based logistics and transportation marketing agency, has announced the appointment of Linda Thielke to communications manager.
BLUE ISLAND, IL—August 21, 2012 (James Street Media Services)—James Street Associates announced the completion of the new Blue Island Visitors Guide, launched recently by the City of Blue Island. The 28-page brochure is an at-a-glance guide for Blue Island residents and visitors, spotlighting the retail, architectural and historic highlights of Blue Island, Illinois. 
We love working in the historic Schreiber Hardware building, and especially in our quiet little corner of James Street and Olde Western Avenue. Until 1964, when Western Avenue was re-routed over a new steel bridge, this was a hopping place! Before then, Western Avenue lead to an older bridge which spanned the CalSag waterway...