What can James Street do for you?

Would you like some actual content with your “content"?

Successful supply chain marketing requires deep knowledge of this dynamic industry, and a creative multi-channel strategy.

That’s what James Street Associates provides. Our team has long experience in logistics, transportation, and supply chain marketing. We know your customers, we understand how your business works, and we quickly identify the best marketing opportunities.

Long before content became a buzzword, we found unique ways to communicate with your customers in their language and to their needs. We employ every appropriate channel—web-based, social media, industry events and conferences, and media  relations. Call most industry editors—they’ll know us.

A carefully crafted content strategy can deliver powerful results. Whether you want to help your sales force reach new audiences, attract high-caliber management candidates, or become more appealing to investors, good content works. We know, because those are the kind of results we deliver for our clients—clients who trust us year after year to strategically fuel their marketing efforts. 

Your reputation means everything to you, your team, and your customers. You can trust James Street to protect and polish every aspect of your brand, because we know how important that is in the logistics business. We live here too.

At James Street, we understand those industries, the people, and the fast-paced competition. We run an efficient shop; we use an effective system; and we know your market inside and out. Combine all that with our dedication to your brand, and you have a formula for success.

For 25 years, our supply chain marketing agency has been developing strategies and programs that get results. We know what works—and what doesn't. And, we have the industry knowledge you need to speak forcefully and effectively to the people that buy your services. Take advantage of our experience and move your marketing programs to the next level of brand awareness. Meet Bill Fahrenwald and Martha Anderson.