Turn supply challenges into opportunities

The ups and downs of the global supply chain over the past 18 months have been a wild ride for consumers, manufacturers, shippers, and all the businesses that support logistics.

It's disconcerting to see entire sections of store shelves empty again, just when we thought that was behind us. And, it’s difficult to explain why things like this are happening and what our industry is doing to untangle all the complications.

That's why carefully crafted marketing content is crucial right now. Has your business found a creative fix for any link in the broken supply chain? It's time to tell that story.

People relate to real-life examples. Find something your company has done for a customer that kept products flowing to the end users. Make sure your story emphasizes the needs of your customer and their customers, and then objectively describe the critical thinking that went into your solution. We’ve learned that simply sharing a process is more effective that bragging about it.

Along the way, show how your function is knitted into the larger global supply chain. For instance, how do ships stacked up outside a port impact the loads on trains and trucks headed inland? Why does it matter that intermodal containers sit empty in locations far away from stockpiles of cargo? How do labor shortages affect every link in the chain?

The more we can educate the greater population—and that includes your very specialized customers—about why favorite products are currently back ordered or delayed, the more they will appreciate the intricate relationship between all the links in the supply chain.

This logistics challenge has everyone's attention, so use your platform to highlight the important role your company plays in providing the goods we all use in our daily lives. Get in touch with James Street if you need a hand.

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    , 2021