Is Planning for 2021 Mission Impossible?

Next year’s marketing strategy isn’t impossible to create; you just haven't figured it out yet.

Don't let the current uncertainty delay you. We were in similar situations after the 2001 dotcom crash and during the 2007 global financial crisis.  

You still need a plan for 2021. And, you also need to be ready to make fast adjustments—just as you have before.

It might sound too simple, but start with some key goals. Is your primary concern retaining customers or attracting new ones? Do you need to gain ground on the competition? Do you want to build your brand and create name recognition?

In a recent presentation for the Transportation Marketing & Sales Association (TMSA), Chris O'Brien from C.H. Robinson said that execution is not daunting when it’s mapped out and the map includes incremental re-evaluation. At the same time, he cautioned that change without a road map is impossible.

While you establish your 2021 goals, it's important to cover the basics as you develop a plan to execute them. Understand what your customers need, stay in touch, and provide solutions rather than promises.

Credible content is one of your best tools. 

Use your communications channels to provide helpful business insights that will make your customers and your prospects notice you for your value, rather than your boasts. 

Help your customers identify their own goals for 2021 and draft a business plan together that demonstrates how your services and products will help them meet those goals. Show your customers that you are their advocate.

Yes, set goals for 2021. Then be prepared to move ahead one step at a time. And, don't forget by this time next year to incorporate these goals and planning—and what you learned in 2021—into your long-term strategies.

We’ll be there with you, watching for changing conditions and responding with fresh new ideas. 

Let’s stay in touch!

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    , 2020