Old You, meet the New You!

Has your sales and marketing strategy suddenly stalled? Maybe it’s outdated. When a once-great plan becomes tired, knowing what to do next can be tricky.

Take a moment to compare where you were when you developed your current strategy and where you are now.

Now: Chances are that as your company has grown, it has developed expertise in particular areas and services. Now: What are all the aspects that set your company apart from the competition? That could be location, cost-effectiveness, speed-to-market, or innovative ways to navigate the supply chain. Now: Start matching your new smarts with new prospects—and current customers who may not know how you’ve grown.

An evolving marketing program is a key component to your company's ongoing viability. Make sure your company—and the key people inside your company—are the first thing that come to mind when prospects and customers think of your industry or services. 

Communicate with purpose
Your marketing efforts should focus first on your potential customers' needs. What are their issues and challenges? Who are they trying to sell to? Find out.

Once you know what keeps your customers awake at night, develop some mini case studies to demonstrate the effective solutions your company has generated in the past. Let them know you are ready to work together with them on ground-breaking efficiencies. 

Participate more in your customer's world
When you are looking for new customers, go where they go. Plan to exhibit and attend the trade shows they are at—whether virtual or onsite. Write and contribute to the industry publications and blogs they read. Reach out with real-world solutions when you contact them with mailings or sales calls.

Re-establish your brand
Step back and take a fresh look at everything that visually represents your company—from your website to your business cards. Is your logo consistent? Are your company colors represented on everything? Is your website up-to-date, and has outdated information been pruned? This conveys a valuable message that you are consistent and that your team can be counted on.

Statistically, 50 percent of all small businesses fail within their fifth year, then 70 percent by their tenth anniversary. Congratulations on getting to where you are today. It’s time to protect what you’ve built. 

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    , 2020