Looking for fresh marketing ideas? Try TMSA!

Do you know about TMSA—the Transportation Marketing & Sales Association? The organization delivers a steady stream of creative thinking through webinars, in-person, meetings, collaborative strategic interest groups, and publications focused on marketing best practices. 
Its annual meeting is a must-attend and this year it was an incubator of inspiration and fresh perspectives. The presentations offered solid tools for addressing customer needs with wisdom and compassion. (Yes, salespeople were talking about compassion.) 
The opening keynote by renowned speaker and author Jon Acuff, warned us about the danger of worn-out thought patterns that lead to making unfounded assumptions. He urged us to forsake mind-reading for asking more questions. He also suggested we include fun in our approach to work, pointing out that S.M.A.R.T. goals do not include fun—which is said to produce a 46 percent higher performance.
“Leaders who can’t be questioned, fail over questionable things,” Acuff says.
Rueben Stokes, founder of Bernstarr, LLC, moderated a panel on diversity. It included Women In Transportation President & CEO Ellen Voie, who shared examples of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) as proven business strategies. The panel explored the realities of a diverse workplace; agreeing that different points of view make for more effective policies and sturdier outcomes.
Ellen Curran of Odyssey Logistics & Technology reminded us that when we recommend big changes to a brand, we're asking a lot of a company. For many customers, brands are a part of the collective DNA, and she shared the steps she and her team take to find the most effective path toward gaining customer confidence in an era with no playbook. 
As we head into 2022, one of the most exciting things about TMSA is new Executive Director Jennifer Karpus-Romain. She previously held roles in the publishing, marketing and technology industries, as well as managed her own content and publishing firm. She is excited to join the leadership team at TMSA.
"I am excited to hit the ground running and take the legacy and performance of TMSA to new heights," said Karpus-Romain.


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    , 2021