Keeping your marketing sharp?

Make sure your tools are in order!

It’s time to examine the marketing tools you use. We’re not talking power tools like HubSpot or Google Analytics. We mean the tools you always carry around in your hip pocket. When they’re sharp, brilliance may result; when they’re not, catastrophe could be around the corner.

What’s in the James Street tool kit?
Date everything you do. Do it in your digital files, even though the dates are embedded. Do it on paper too,  even sticky notes.  Make it easy to find dates quickly, so you can identify the moment a project was changed, and sometimes when it went wrong.

When every project has a code, searching (in a data-base or in a drawer) becomes a breeze. At a glance, our short codes show who we’re working for and the nature of the project (article, ad, logo, display, web, etc.).

Emails, white papers, speeches, proposals—so much of marketing involves writing. Take time to remove unnecessary words or phrases or add succinct clarifiers. (Tip: Add page numbers to your manuscript. If it’s printed, and falls down the stairwell, how will you put it together?)

Find a person or small group that will review your projects with “fresh eyes.” Use people who share your level of understanding, people you can trust. (For us, that’s everyone at James Street.)

Everything that leaves your office—from drafts to final—should represent your company in the best possible way. Before hitting “send,” take a moment to read emails, reports, proposals, ad copy—everything. We use an outside source for proofreading, and it has been well worth the time and investment.

One last tip to keep YOU sharp
Team members at James Street respect suggestions and corrections. Where edits and collaborating and proofreading are concerned, we leave our egos at the door, and gratefully accept improvements.

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    , 2020