Do they know...

If you are successful in your logistics career, it follows that you are an expert in logistics. That’s why you are able help your customers improve the performance of their businesses. And, your success is why they keep coming back to you.

But, do potential new customers know you are an expert? Probably not, because If they did, they’d likely be your customers already.

So, tell them. 

Trade media, industry conferences, and relevant social media are high-visibility places where you can connect with your prospects. You can speak to them about knotty problems and share process insights that have been successful for you.

While it’s tried-and-true for you, these valuable tips might not be so obvious for someone who is swamped managing their own supply chain challenges. These are the potential customers who may need your advice the most.

And sometimes, it might be you who needs expert advice on where to find those high-value publicity opportunities and how to use them. That’s the kind of help we like to give.

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    , 2020