TransmetriQ Releases Asset Manager for Railcar Fleets

Real-time insights and equipment health predictions optimize fleet decisions

CARY, N.C.—February 16, 2023 (James Street Media Services)—TransmetriQ, a Railinc® brand, has another significant offering for railcar fleet owners with the introduction of Asset Manager, which provides railcar fleet owners and managers instant visibility of the location, health, and status of their assets. 

“Railcar managers now have access to a single solution for all the information they need to make fleet management decisions,” says Gregg Phillips, product manager, TransmetriQ. “Asset Manager helps car owners get to the insights they need faster than any other product on the market. These insights allow for optimally planned repairs enabling improved fleet availability and—ultimately—profitability.” 

The TransmetriQ Asset Manager automatically displays key railcar health and location data in dashboards the user can customize, empowering them to make faster, better decisions using key considerations such as:
•    AI-enabled wheelset predictions
•    Asset location
•    Load/empty status
•    Air brake test dates
•    Upcoming tank qualification
•    Current and historical performance, and
•    Other key car insights

These dashboards leverage direct access to the best fleet data in the industry, using Railinc’s Equipment Health Management System (EHMS), Equipment Advisory System, Damaged and Defective Car Tracking (DDCT), movement systems, and more.

Many shippers lease or own their rail equipment, making it imperative that they have information that enables the safe and efficient use of their fleets. These insights also support uninterrupted operations of their critical supply chains. Asset Manager is designed to improve cost control, car availability, and complex data management—making it easier to keep fleets healthy and productive.

Industries that utilize large railcar fleets include grain, plastics, petrochemicals, fertilizer, lumber, construction, paper, and other hazardous and non-hazardous commodities.

Mika Majapuro, Railinc vice president of product management and strategy, says Phillips and his team have “added another powerful tool to the TransmetriQ portfolio. TransmetriQ is powered by the industry’s largest single-source of near real-time, accurate railcar data for the North American railroad system and, as a result, helps ensure users can make timely equipment safety, maintenance, and allocation decisions.”

Asset Manager is available as a module of TransmetriQ’s Rail Management System (RMS).

Further information about TransmetriQ’s Asset Manager is available online.

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