Supply Chain Recovery is Focus for NARS Annual Meeting May 9–11 in Kansas City

CHICAGO—March 16, 2022 (James Street Media Services)—The North American Rail Shippers Association (NARS) will host its annual meeting May 9–11, 2022 in Kansas City. The ongoing challenges of shipping commodities and goods will be the topic for the speakers and sessions.

“As we put together our program for the annual meeting, we are focusing on the very pressing issue of supply chain recovery," said NARS President Bruce Mann. "We know this is top of mind for everyone in the freight rail industry, and we are bringing together railroads, shippers, and regulators to offer insights on how we best move forward together."

The agenda is still being finalized for the two-day meeting but will include high-level executives from large railroads, major shippers, and industry experts.

NARS Annual Meeting Details

Monday–Wednesday, May 9–11, 2022

Kansas City Marriott Downtown
200 West 12th Street
Kansas City, Missouri
Reservations online by April 15, 2022

$575 by April 10; $600 after that date

• Online conference information and registration
• Email:
• Phone: 872-212-4134

About The North American Rail Shippers Association
The North American Rail Shippers Association (NARS) is comprised of a network of five regional North American associations including the Pacific Northwest Association of Rail Shippers (PNWARS), the Midwest Association of Rail Shippers (MARS), the Southwest Association of Rail Shippers (SWARS), the Northeast Association of Rail Shippers (NEARS), and the Southeast Association of Rail Shippers (SEARS). Headquartered in the Chicago area, NARS brings together representatives from this network of more than 7,000 members of the rail shipping and railroad community in an annual forum, which enables open discussion of rail transportation issues. For more information, please visit the NARS website at

Bill Fahrenwald
James Street Associates