Railinc Announces November DDCT Webinars




CARY, NC, October 21, 2010 (James Street Media Services)—Railinc Corp. has announced its late October and November webinar schedule for the new rail industry Damaged and Defective Car Tracking (DDCT) system. The free webinars began in October and present an overview of the DDCT system and the basic DDCT process. Currently scheduled webinar dates and session descriptions are as follows:

• Introduction to DDCT: This session covers basic information about the DDCT system including what is DDCT, who is affected by DDCT, when will DDCT go-live and how to get ready for DDCT. The next date for this webinar is Oct. 27.

• Basic DDCT Process: This session covers the process flow of the incident life cycle within DDCT, including incident creation, requesting/providing disposition, creating defect cards and shop repairs. The next dates for this webinar are Oct. 27, Nov. 5 and Nov. 16.

In preparation for the following special subject webinars, Railinc recommends participation in the Basic DDCT Process webinar, described above.

• Car Owners and DDCT: Tailored specifically for rail car owners, this session covers providing disposition, authorizing dismantle, accepting/rejecting settlements, authorizing shop repairs and other car owner actions. The dates for this webinar are Nov. 15 and Nov. 19.

• Railroads and DDCT: Tailored specifically for short line and regional railroads, this session covers creating incidents, creating defect cards, offering settlements and getting defect information on foreign cars. The dates for this webinar are Nov. 17 and Nov. 19.

• Repair Shops and DDCT: Tailored specifically for railcar repair shops, this session covers
 marking a car “On-Hand”, reporting repairs, releasing cars and getting defect information. The dates for this webinar are Nov. 17 and Nov. 18.

• DDCT Car Hire: Tailored specifically for people involved in the car hire process, this session covers car hire rule changes, car hire calculations for DDCT incident cars, and how to interpret car hire messages. The dates for this webinar are Nov. 18 and Nov. 22.

Registration is required to participate in all DDCT webinars. To register for any Railinc DDCT webinar or view webinar slides, please visit www.railinc.com/DDCT and click on “DDCT Training.” There is no fee to participate.

Railinc and industry representatives also will be speaking about the new DDCT system at rail industry events through the end of the year. For a complete list of DDCT industry meetings, including slides from past meetings, please visit www.railinc.com/DDCT and click on “Event Schedule.”

The DDCT system is a centralized, web-based application that replaces paper defect cards and eliminates the need for defect card brackets by automating the manual process for identifying and tracking damaged and defective rail cars. Rail industry interchange and car hire rules require all carriers, car owners and repair shops to use the DDCT system. Railinc is building the new industry system, which is on-track for deployment in January, 2011.

About Railinc
Railinc is the railroad industry’s innovative and reliable resource for IT and information services. The company deploys data that helps railroads, rail equipment owners and other industry participants manage their businesses more effectively and efficiently. Railinc is the largest, single source of real-time, accurate interline rail data for the North American railroad system. Located in Cary, N.C., Railinc is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Association of American Railroads. For more information, please visit www.railinc.com.


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