Midwest Association of Rail Shippers Awards 2020 Scholarships

CHICAGO—October 14, 2020 (James Street Media Services)—The Midwest Association of Rail Shippers (MARS) has selected its 2020 class of scholarship recipients.

The 17 college undergraduates were selected based on their academic achievement, extracurricular activities, and community service. 

The Bernard J. Thomas Honorary Scholarship Award was given to Nora Chambers, who is studying at Northwestern University. The recipients of the MARS scholarships are:

Hunter Barth, North Dakota State University; Carly Baun, University of Mississippi; Connor Boudreau, University of Nebraska–Lincoln; Katherine Chambers, Northwestern University; Lauren Comanse, Creighton University; Julianna DiDeo, Auburn University; Ricardo DiDeo, University of North Florida; Brianna Fay, University of Wisconsin–Madison; Danielle Fay, University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point; Maura Flahive, Wellesley College; Garrett Jackson, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota; Cate McCreavy, Salisbury University; Jacob Rude, Butler University; Analiese Tisa, University of Notre Dame; Paxton Tomlin, Western Carolina University; and Daisy Trujillo, Indiana University–Bloomington.

The scholarships are awarded to those that intend to make contributions to professional positions and industries across the nation.

About The Midwest Association of Rail Shippers
The Midwest Association of Rail Shippers (MARS) is one of five regional North American associations under the North American Rail Shippers (NARS) national organization. Headquartered in the Chicago area, MARS provides an open forum for discussion and resolution of rail transportation issues by bringing railroads, shippers, receivers, and rail supply companies together twice annually for formal meetings in the Chicago area. To review the most recent meeting presentations, and to inquire about MARS membership, please visit the MARS website at www.mwrailshippers.com.

Bill Fahrenwald
James Street Associates