Integrated Railcar Reporting & Analytics Tool Launched by TransmetriQ

Simplifies, improves rail car fleet management and repair

CARY, N.C.—August 16, 2023 (James Street Media Services)—TransmetriQ, a Railinc® brand, recently launched a new comprehensive fleet reporting tool—Reporting & Analytics—that synthesizes asset location, health, and repair data to provide deeper fleet insights. With customizable, interactive dashboards and configurable alerts, Reporting & Analytics makes it easier than ever for fleet managers to recognize areas of concern and optimization opportunities.
Shippers and car owners can customize the data viewed in Reporting & Analytics based on their needs, choosing to view tracing reports, health and repair insights, or both. The tool translates and synthesizes numerous data streams into dashboards the user can customize—empowering them to quickly make strategic decisions for more efficient railcar maintenance and fleet utilization.
“Gaining insight into asset repair trends has historically been difficult due to the complex nature of railcar repair data,” says Gregg Phillips, product manager, TransmetriQ. “With Reporting & Analytics automatically translating repair data into user-friendly insights, railcar managers can easily see where repair dollars are being spent, what’s driving that spending, who is performing repairs, and where they are occurring.” 
Similarly, shippers who manage their own fleets, “can use the cycle and dwell analytics to identify problem areas and drive performance improvements such as shorter facility turn times,” says Danny Dever, product manager, TransmetriQ.
The dashboards created by TransmetriQ’s Reporting & Analytics tool give users critical information, including:
·       Fleet Health Reporting
·       Component Performance Analytics
·       Remaining Wheelset Life
·       Cycle & Dwell Times
·       Equipment Characteristics 
·       Other Key Car Insights
These dashboards leverage direct access to trusted Railinc fleet health and movement insights. Designed with the input of fleet managers, Reports & Analytics provides out-of-the-box reports and fully customized reporting capabilities.
“Through our voice of the customer program, we worked closely with railcar fleet managers and learned they were seeking better ways to analyze operations to keep equipment moving in revenue service and to control repair costs,” says Mika Majapuro, Railinc vice president of product management and strategy. “The tool they created does that, and it can be readily toggled between fleetwide and specific equipment or lane analyses. With reports built for rail-specific scenarios, it’s easier than ever for fleet managers to recognize areas of concern and adjust accordingly.”
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