Enhanced Rail Location Information Added to AskRail® by Railinc

New Location Data Now Available to 35,000 North American First Responders

CARY, N.C.—January 18, 2023 (James Street Media Services)—AskRail®, the rail industry emergency response information app, has been enhanced by Railinc with the addition of railroad milepost and highway crossing location information.

“These new features will provide first responders with the specific data they have requested as part of our ongoing dialogue with these key safety stakeholders,” said Railinc President Allen West.

AskRail is a collaborative effort among the emergency response community and all North American Class I railroads. The app provides more than 35,000 first responders—from all 50 states and eight Canadian provinces—with immediate access to accurate, timely data about what type of hazardous materials a railcar is carrying so they can make informed decisions on how to best respond to a rail incident.

First responders participating in meetings with the railroads and Railinc requested that specific coordinates for railroad milepost and grade crossing locations be added to the AskRail app. With this information, emergency response crews can immediately determine where to set up parameters for an isolation zone around the incident site, and to assess if alerts or evacuatIon orders should be issued to any affected communities.

AskRail is part of the freight rail industry’s successful strategy to make safety its top priority. The rail industry has lower employee injury rates than most other sectors, including trucking, airlines, manufacturing, and construction.

“Railinc has supported AskRail since its inception in 2014,” said West. “I am proud of the efficient and enthusiastic work by the Railinc development team that leveraged our comprehensive North America railroad database for the benefit of industry employees, users, and the communities they serve.”

Information about AskRail and how qualified emergency responders can request full access is available online.

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