Railinc Announces CEPM-Wheelsets Webinars



Cary, NC, August 22, 2011 (James Street Media Services)—Railinc has announced webinar dates for the first phase of the Comprehensive Equipment Performance Monitoring (CEPM) program, CEPM-Wheelsets, for the North American rail industry. These webinars are designed to present an overview of CEPM-Wheelsets and related processes. Railinc highly recommends that wheel shops, repair shops, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and software providers participate in the webinars to prepare for the January, 2012 implementation of CEPM-Wheelsets. Details can be found at www.railinc.com/cepm under “CEPM Training.” Currently scheduled webinars and dates are as follows:

• Introduction to CEPM-Wheelsets and Barcoding Specifications: This session will cover basic information about CEPM-Wheelsets; how to begin registering components through CEPM-enhanced systems; the CEPM-Wheelsets data glossary; and the component barcoding process. The date for this webinar is Sept. 8.
• Component Registration Requirements for Wheel Shops and OEMs: This session will provide an overview of requirements associated with component registration and will discuss component barcoding and data requirements. The date for this webinar is Oct. 6.
• Component Registration and Reporting Component Application: This session will discuss component registration and reporting of the application of components to equipment. It will help repair shops begin to plan to meet application-reporting requirements associated with CEPM-Wheelsets. The date for this webinar is Nov. 10.

Registration is required to participate in all CEPM-Wheelsets webinars. To register for any CEPM-Wheelsets webinar, visit www.railinc.com/cepm and click on the link “CEPM Training” on the left side navigation. There is no fee to participate.

CEPM is a multi-phase, multi-year, industry-wide initiative to create a rail industry process and related technology tools for capturing data around railcar equipment components. The program’s first phase—CEPM-Wheelsets—centralizes the registration of wheelset component details and identifies the application of wheelset components, including AAR and non-AAR repairs. CEPM-Wheelsets is on-track for implementation in January, 2012.

Reference documents such as a User Guide, FAQs and a Go-Guide are available now on the CEPM resource website, and additional training tools including web-based demos are planned. Railinc and industry representatives also will speak about CEPM-Wheelsets at rail industry events through the end of the year.

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