Railinc Launches DDCT Test System, Training Demos




CARY, NC, November 18, 2010 (James Street Media Services)—Railinc Corp. has announced the availability of the new Damaged and Defective Car Tracking (DDCT) test system along with two new web-based DDCT training demos.

The DDCT test system gives users a chance to explore the new system’s functionality and to practice critical tasks without being penalized for making mistakes. It uses dummy data that does not represent any actual or active rail conditions. The test system requires users to have test system access credentials so they can practice DDCT-related tasks. DDCT users needing help accessing the DDCT test system or setting up their accounts should contact Railinc customer support.

Railinc has also developed the first two training demos to help railroads, equipment owners and repair shops learn how to use the new DDCT system. The initial two demos cover Rules 1 and 95. Demos covering Rules 107 and 108 will become available soon. All DDCT training demos will be available on-demand, free of charge on the Railinc DDCT website.

For more information about the Railinc DDCT system including training opportunities, webinars and related rail industry events, visit www.railinc.com/ddct or contact the Railinc Customer Support Center at 877-724-5462 or by email at csc@railinc.com.

The DDCT system is a centralized, web-based application that replaces paper defect cards and eliminates the need for defect card brackets by automating the manual process for identifying and tracking damaged and defective rail cars. Rail industry interchange and car hire rules require all carriers, car owners and repair shops to use the DDCT system. Railinc is building the new industry system, which is on-track for deployment in January, 2011.

About Railinc
Railinc is the railroad industry’s innovative and reliable resource for IT and information services. The company deploys data that helps railroads, rail equipment owners and other industry participants manage their businesses more effectively and efficiently. Railinc is the largest, single source of real-time, accurate interline rail data for the North American railroad system. Located in Cary, N.C., Railinc is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Association of American Railroads. For more information, please visit www.railinc.com.

Patrick O’Neil
Director of Corporate Communications

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