Railinc Introduces TransmetriQ Brand for its Expanding Suite of Innovative Supply Chain Solutions 


CARY, N.C.—May 11, 2021 (James Street Media Services)—Railinc is rolling out additional advanced freight management resources as part of its rapidly growing commercial products unit, which now has its own brand: TransmetriQ.

TransmetriQ (pronounced trans-metric) products and services will continue to be powered by the people, processes and technology of Railinc, the North American railroad industry’s innovative and reliable resource for technology solutions. TransmetriQ will further expand offerings and continue to serve individual customers through existing products, including the flagship RailSight Suite of Applications, CarLogix, and Advanced Analytics Solutions.

"Our customers, partners, employees, and other stakeholders have been telling us that it is not always apparent that Railinc has products and services that are designed for them, or can be customized for them outside of industry-driven committees and priorities,” says Railinc president and CEO Allen West. “Ultimately, we determined that we needed a name that can be associated with all the beneficial solutions and insights the TransmetriQ team has developed, apart from the more traditional rail industry solutions we also provide.”

The introduction of TransmetriQ also coincides with the launch of RailSight’s Advanced ETAs feature. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to model complex operating practices and predict arrival times more accurately. 

Accompanying the announcement of the TransmetriQ brand is a website dedicated to TransmetriQ products including RailSight, CarLogix, Advanced Analytics Solutions, and custom reports. The site offers users in-depth information on all TransmetriQ products, case studies, product savings calculators, and product videos. 

Leading the TransmetriQ unit is Mika Majapuro, vice president of TransmetriQ product management. He brings a wealth of experience in product development and management methods to Railinc, along with strong expertise in strategy development. His career has included key strategic development assignments with leading technology, security, and consulting firms.

“TransmetriQ’s team of transportation experts, product managers, UX designers, software developers, data scientists, and critical thinkers comprise a unique team in the supply chain sector,” says Majapuro. “Our goal is to develop insights and solutions that help customers build businesses that compete and win.”

Ward Proctor is director of business solutions for TransmetriQ. He has been with Railinc for more than 10 years, advancing through positions in product support, business analysis, and business solutions. 

According to Proctor, “TransmetriQ partners with customers from railroads, to car owners and third-party logistics companies, as well as many others across the supply chain ecosystem. Our group works collaboratively with customers and moves fast to create solutions tailored to their needs—sometimes in a matter of weeks.”

About Railinc
Railinc is the railroad industry’s innovative and reliable resource for rail data, IT, and information services. The company deploys data that helps railroads, rail equipment owners, and other industry participants manage their businesses more effectively and efficiently. Railinc is the largest single source of real-time, accurate interline rail data for the North American railroad system. Located in Cary, N.C., Railinc is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Association of American Railroads. For more information, please visit www.railinc.com.

About TransmetriQ
TransmetriQ is a group of Railinc transportation experts, product managers, UX designers, software developers, data scientists, and critical thinkers developing insights and solutions that help customers build businesses that compete and win. Our teams work to improve our current products and develop the next generation of business-oriented transportation solutions. Visit us at www.transmetriq.com.

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